Saturday, January 13, 2018

I Surrender


This is my year to 


Why did I choose this word? 

Well, I am one who leans more towards trying to take control over every aspect of my life instead of just going with the flow. If I don't have that control, I can then spend copious amounts of time ruminating on how I could possibly gain control of whatever it is that I don't have control over. But, what I have come to realize is that this need for control is exhausting and for me, impossible. 

So, this year I am letting go of my perfectionism. I am letting go of my need to be in control. I am surrendering to the Universe. Now don't get me wrong, I still have my responsibilities and taking care of those responsibilities won't change. It's just that instead of spending so much of my time and energy worrying about every little thing, I will trust that my deepest desires are known and will come to fruition as long as I truly believe that I am worthy of what I want. 

So, welcome to my blog. Here I will share my journey to becoming the woman I know that I am meant to be and creating the life I know I am meant to live.